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Chaco Golden Knee, 1.5cm (G pulchripes)
Curly Hair, 1.5cm (B. albopilosum)
Scarlett Birdeater 2cm (L. klugi)
 Mexican red Rump 1.5cm (B vagans)
All 4 only R220-00 including P+P
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Haitian Brown (Red/purple Colour Form)- Phormictopus cancerides

!!!! WoW !!!! these are Incredible spiders, showing much brighter colouration than most Haitian Browns. They grow massive, larger spiders can initially be a bit agro, but are often OK once settled down. Fast growing and hardy. Really beautiful slings. Both Mom and Dad show a lot of red/purple colouration. My male was almost as bright as my X immanis. Slings are initially blue and often sold as Haitian Blues.


3-4 cm                    R 180-00


Both parents showed incredible colouration

Guatemalan Red Rump - Brachypelma sabulosum

This is a rare species of the Genus Brachypelma. Not often available. Suitable for beginners.


2cm                           R  140-00

Bolivian Red Birdeater - Acanthoscurria chacoana

One of the rarer Acanthoscurrias. These grow nice and big. Similar to Fire Red Birdeaters. Amazing display spider for those who want a really big spider.


2cm slings                R 120-00



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Orange Tree Spider - Tapinauchenius gigas

Incredible arboreal spiders. Really cute. Nice display animals, not usually too aggressive, but fast, extremely fast. (I’m sure I heard one go “beep beep” before speeding off)


2cm                R  160-00


Australian Barking or Whistling Spider - Phlogius /Selenocosmia crassipes

Not often available in SA. Very cool old world Tarantula. More a hiss than a bark, but cool non the less. Strong venom, not for handling.


2cm                R 160-00

 Pink Toe - Avicularia avicularia

The Pink Toes are one of the most incredible spiders out there. Brilliant pets and incredible display spiders. These have real character.


2 cm                         R 140-00


Antilles Pink Toe - Avicularia versicolour

One of the most incredible spiders out there. Really cool, a must have. Brilliant pets and incredible display spiders. These have real character. Juvenile colours in the photo on the right. Buy now or cry later.


2 cm                         R300-00

Cameroon Red - Hysterocrates gigas

Very interesting old world tarantula. These have often been seen swimming and catching fish, yip a swimming tarantula!. These have also been successfully kept in a communal setup.

They change colour depending on how close they are to a moult, colours vary from a shiny brown to a deep Red


2-3 cm                    R 180-00

Sms:35393toGP2549Drive a new carFrom only R699 pm, No deposit, no Residualor mail: tim@petbugs.co.za

 Powder Blue Pink Toe - Avicularia azuraklaasi

Absolutely Stunning tarantulas. Owners of these often rate these as their favourite Avics. These are one of the most unknown of the Avics, with many keepers not even knowing what they look like. No Avic collection can be complete without one of these.


2 cm+                        R 450-00


Juvenile Male

First Time Bred in SASpecials

Feather leg - Stromatopelma calceata

A truly beautiful old world spider.  Named for the feather like hairs on it legs. Incredible display animals. Definitely one of my favorite old world spiders.


2 cm                          R  120-00

Borneo Blacks - Lampropelma sp Borneo Black

They say a “picture speaks a thousand words” What else can I say. These are absolutely incredible spiders at an absolutely incredible price. One of the most sought after spiders around and for good reason.


2-3 cm                    R 350-00



Ultra rare old world tarantulas with fantastic colouration. Very fast but not usually too aggressive. An Absolute must for the serious collector.


2-3cm                      R  550-00

Vienamese Blue -  Chilobrachys Sp Blue

Malaysian Earth Tiger - Cyriopagopus Schioedtei

Really incredible Old World Tarantulas. These are quick and some can be rather aggressive, but they sure do make up for it in looks. Very interesting spiders, ferocious feeders.


2 cm                         R 250-00

 Peru Purple Pink Toe - Avicularia sp Peru Purple

The Pink Toes are one of the most incredible spiders out there. Brilliant pets and incredible display spiders. The Peru Purple show incredible colouration.  These have real character.


2 cm                         R 300-00

Lampropelma nigerrimum

Really good looking Rare tarantulas. These are usually black with an almost burgundy shine when seen under the right light. Fantastic spiders. Similar to L sp Borneo blacks.


2 cm                          R 500-00

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Mexican Fire leg-Brachypelma boehmei

Incredible pet spiders. Really stunning colours, looks as if their legs are on fire. A must for any Brachypelma collection.


2 cm                          R 150-00


Hapalopus formosus / Hapalopus sp. Pumpkin Patch

These are absolutely fantastic. Very rarely available. Incredible colouration. These are a dwarf species but what they lack in size they make up for in colour.


0.5cm                        R 120-00


Great old world tarantulas with beautiful black colouration. Fast and skittish but not usually too aggressive. Make really impressive webs.


2cm                           R  160-00

Asian Smokey -  Chilobrachys dyscolus

Samar Cave Tarantula - Orphnaceus sp Samar

Very rare cave Tarantula that comes from the Philippines. Interesting old world tarantula.



2 cm              R 160-00

Mexican Red Knee - Brachypelma smithi

Probably the most sought after pet spider and for good reason. Really docile and colourful. Excellent starter spider, makes a good display animal as well.


2cm                           R 150-00



These are great display spiders, one of the most beautiful spiders around. Sometimes a bit jumpy and fast, but usually not too aggressive. Put a Tiger in your tank.


2-3cm                      R 160-00

Venezuelan Suntigers - Psalmopoeus irminia

Fantastic arboreal Tarantula, a bit fast but not usually aggressive. Family of the Suntiger. Very cute red spots on toes.


3cm                           R 180-00

Panama Blonde - Psalmopoeus Pulcher

 Mysore Ornamental - Poecilotheria striata

Awesome display spiders. Great colouration.


3cm                           R180-00

Brazillian Giant White Knee Birdeater - Acanthoscurria geniculata

Incredible fast growing spider. These grow nice and big. Some can make decent pets as well. Amazing display spider for those who want a really big spider. They don’t get much better than this.


1-2cm           R 40-00

4cm                R 160-00 starting to get stripes on their legs already

Mexican Red Rumps - Brachypelma vagans

Great Pet Spider with good coloration. A hardy spider with reasonably good disposition. Suitable for beginners. Both Parents show really good colours.


2 cm                          R 20-00

4-5cm                      R 90-00


Trinidad Olives - Holothele incei

The best Tarantula to be kept in a group. Some communal displays house a few hundred spiders, ranging a few generations. Absolutely incredible to see. Not usually aggressive but a bit skittish. Some show a metallic gold colouration under lights.


2-3 cm                    R 160-00 ea

Great spider with golden splashes on legs. Probably the best pet spider around, ideal for beginners. Very popular, usually very docile. Grows massive, the biggest Grammostola, females can grow to just under 20cm.


2cm                           R 30-00

3cm                           R 60-00

Chaco Golden Knee - Grammostola aureostriata / pulchripes

Brazilian Red and White Birdeaters- Nhandu chromatus

Really cool birdeaters. These grow nice and big with excellent colouration. Make incredible display and OK Pet spiders. Grow fast and eat ferociously. As with many Birdeaters, some may get a bit grumpy with age. A must in every collection.


1cm                           R  30-00

3cm +                        R  80-00


Fringed ornamental - Poecilotheria ornata

Really incredible Ornamental, Ultra Incredible display spider. Often one of the mellower Pokies.


4cm+                       R  240-00


Possibly one of the best pet spiders, very hardy little furballs. An excellent beginners spider with Long curly hair and sturdy build. My slings usually show interesting shades of red/brown, really good looking spiders.

1.5cm                      R  20-00

10 for                     R 150-00

2-3 cm                    R  40-00

Curly Hair - Brachypelma albopilosum

Costa Rican Tiger Rump - Cyclosternum fasciatum

WoW these are great looking spiders. Make incredible display animals and are usually not aggressive. Fast growing, an incredible addition to any collection


0.5cm                        R  40-00

3cm                           R180-00

Showing full colouration

The Roach Ranch

These make really interesting hissing pets. Great fun. These are clean, easy to keep and odourless if kept correctly. Great for scaring the crap out of friends and family. Can live for up to 5 years. Can also be used as feeder insects for large tarantulas and lizards.

30 small              R   30-00

30 Med                    R   50-00




Please note: larger quantities of adult hissers cannot be sent with tarantulas and a separate courier fee will need to be charged

Madagascan Hissing Roaches

Incredible feeders for all insect eating animals, including tarantulas and lizards. These don't fly, burrow and can’t climb smooth plastic or glass. Grow to about the same size as crickets. Higher in protein than crickets and do not die as easily as crickets.

60 small                   R 40 -00   

60 medium            R 60 -00   


Turkistan Roaches - Blatta lateralis

Stick/Leaf Insects - (Phasmids)

Scarlet Birdeater - Lasiodora Klugi

These Birdeaters grow nice and big. Good colouration and size. Grow quickly. Some can make reasonable pets as well.


2cm                           R 40-00

3-4 cm                    R  80-00 These are a nice size already

Other Cool Bugs

Perfect Feeder Mix - Lobsters and Pallids

A perfect mix, always have the correct size to feed all your spiders and other insect eating animals. The pallid nymphs are really small making them ideal for Slings and small lizards and the Lobsters ideal for bigger animals. These multiply quickly making them ideal for home breeding projects. They happily live and breed in one enclosure.

100+ mixed roaches     R40-00

Probably the most sought after of all the feeder Roaches. These get nice and big, perfect for larger Tarantulas and lizards. Higher in protein than crickets and do not die as easily as crickets. Soft Shelled and don’t climb very well.


60 small mixed roaches                      R 50-00

40 medium mixed roaches                    R 50-00

Orange Spotted Roaches - Blattica dubia

Only for sale to responsible keepers over the age of 18


Truly deadly scorps. Not to be messed with. Not often found in the hobby.


1cm Scorplings                             R 120-00




Deathstalkers - Leiurus quinquestriatus

Please see 'How to Order' for Terms and Conditionse-mail me at:
tim@leapinglizards.co.zatim@petbugs.co.zaororWe will be adding a few more items in the next few weeks.Feeder Maggots

Maggots make one of the best feeders for small lizards, especially chameleons. A must for sick or recovering reptiles. These are bred in a clean and hygienic way, making them safe for all insect eating animals. Also a fantastic fishing bait. These are the cheapest and easiest way to provide a high quality diet to your animals. Keep them in the fridge and they last for over a week.


250ml tubs              R65-00


Maggots are only available for collection in Pretoria on Pre-order

Feeder maggots

Still Waiting for eggs to hatch

Sri-Lankan ornamental - Poecilotheria fasciata

One of the most popular Ornamentals, Exciting colouration. Ultra Incredible display spider, for the more adventurous keeper, really cool looking dudes.


3-4cm                      R180-00

Very rare desert Scorps.


2cm Scorplings                             R 200-00


Hottentotta saulcyi

Extreme Caution
These can Kill

Very rare desert Scorps.


2cm Scorplings                             R 200-00



Hottentotta tamulus

Very rare desert Scorps.


2cm Scorplings                             R 200-00



Mesobuthus eupeus

This scorpion is an incredible addition to any insect collection. Similar to regular Emperors, but show a red marking in the center of the claws. Reasonably docile with mild venom. Makes a great, interesting pet. Easy to care for.


3-4cm Scorplings              R 200-00


Red Claw Emperor Scorpions - Pandinus cavimanus

The Best Starter Tarantula

Recife Beauty - Iridioplema sp recife

These resemble tarantulas from the Avicularia Genus. Very good looking tarantulas.


2cm                           R 180-00

Emperor Scorpions - Pandinus imperator

This scorpion is an incredible addition to any insect collection. Not only the biggest Scorpion, but also a metallic black color with hints of green or blue in the light. Very docile with mild venom. Makes a great, interesting pet. Easy to care for.


3-4cm Scorplings              R 150-00


Sold out

Salmon Pink Birdeater - Lasiodora parahybana

One of the biggest spiders in the world. Some rival the Goliath Birdeaters for size. Grow quickly. Some can make reasonable pets as well.


1 cm                         R  30-00


Sold OutSold OutSold Out

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 Brazilian Black - Grammostola pulchra

The Brazilian Black is possibly the most sought after pet tarantula out there and for good reason. They grow to a decent size, show a beautiful, shiny black colouration and make incredible pets as well. Don’t miss out on theses.


2 cm                         R 500-00

Great Pet Spider with Pink to red colouration. An all time favorite with first–time keepers. A hardy spider with Easy-going disposition. Suitable for beginners.


2cm Slings                           R  120-00


Chilean Rose - Grammostola rosea

Excellent PetSold Out